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Long story short we as HR Studio offer everything revolving from picture to video. Our service starts at collecting the first ideas, creating a concept, model booking and location scouting and food catering during production. The production itself and the selection of images, which then leads to postproduction at the end is the main part of our work but in all aspects, we take part in the organization and creating process. We work in good teams due to our long-term experience as producers and keep also an eye on the budget of the client as well as the energy and vibes on set.

Last but not least we are proud to say that we have a big network throughout Europe to offer.

“We think, draft and create so that every product is put into the right light, we set the stage to make our clients shine”

Photo production

Photo Producttions

Fashion photography
beauty photography
still life Photography
advertising Photography
PR – Photography

We produce and deliver sophisticated, creative content for the full spectrum of advertising photography.
Each project is unique and is always redesigned and implemented at the highest level.

Video production

Video productions

story boards
short films

The appropriate video material should never be missing in the age of social media. Whether as content or as a campaign. Video is one of the fastest growing markets and is perfect for transporting emotions.



Gif Animation
WEBP Animation
Video morphing
2d t 3D visualizations

Already knew? Nowadays, animations can be created from any image material. Gif anymations are very common already, but we also work with morphing and cinematography. Feel free to have a look at some of our example animations.

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